Our Commitment to CSR | Our Stance on CSRWe will execute CSR strategically to sustain our growth.

Our vision of CSR is consistent with our approach to business.

We will continue growing by implementing strategic
CSR, focusing on three Priority Themes:

Harry A. Hill President and CEO

We have a vision to "enrich lifestyles worldwide." In order to achieve this vision, we believe it is important not to retain the profit we have earned, but to give it back to all the stakeholders and circulate it so that we can grow together. We call this concept the "Profit Centric Tree."

Based on this concept, we engage in the following business activities: 1) to always listen to customers to offer products and services that they would like to use for a long time; 2) to engage in business activities to contribute to social stability and development, particularly to CSR activities with a focus on support for self-reliance and education; and 3) to enable the employees in our diverse workforce to lead fulfilling lives in an environment that allows them to make the best use of their abilities. Through these efforts, Shop Japan has grown, together with our stakeholders.
Shop Japan's products have become enduring long-sellers and are ranked at the top in many categories, as we have established a reliable brand. Our sales nearly tripled during the period from FY2006 to FY2014, when I became president.

To continue evolving, we plan to develop Shop Japan's own omni-channel. Aiming to be a lifestyle brand that believes everyday should be "Fun and Fulfilling" ,we will also reinforce branding to improve the brand power and enhance the Shop Japan Experience (to have every customer experience Shop Japan's world).

Our corporate growth would be impossible without the PCT credo and business strategies. Business strategies and the PCT credo will have strong social and economic effects when they are combined. Based on our business strategies, we will focus on the above three themes so that we can implement CSR strategically and grow further with our stakeholders.

President & CEO
Harry A. Hill