About Our Business and Shop Japan | Shop JapanOur products and services help individual customers enjoy pleasant lifestyles.

We offer items in six different categories.

Shop Japan is a lifestyle brand. We see it as our mission to provide products and services that address people's concerns, fulfill their wishes, and help them live the lifestyle that makes them happy. To this end, we will continue to offer our suggestions for leading a rewarding life and finding the happiness that lies on the other side of shopping through Shop Japan.

Product Categories

Sleep & Relaxation

Helping everyone to sleep well

We aim to boost the quality of sleep through creating an ideal sleeping environment. We'll help you achieve the kind of lifestyle that enables you to sleep more deeply and wake up to a bright new morning feeling well-rested in both body and mind.


Making cooking amazing and fun

We want to make cooking easier and more rewarding.We'll help you achieve the kind of lifestyle that fills your day with smiles by following a healthy,balanced diet that enriches both body and soul.


Transforming cleaning from a pain into a pleasure

We want to turn laborious cleaning into something more fun. We'll help you achieve a lifestyle that makes you feel great just by creating the kind of clean and comfortable living space you'll want to spend time in.

Health & Fitness

Enriching your life through fitness and diet

We want to make dieting and keeping fit a more familiar and fun part of your everyday life. By addressing your concerns about physique and fitness resulting from lack of exercise, we'll help you achieve a healthier, more invigorating, more rewarding lifestyle.


Making more people feel they're beautiful

By addressing your concerns about your hair, skin and other aspects of beauty, and enabling you to achieve your desire to be more beautiful, we'll help you achieve a lifestyle that radiates confidence.

Leisure & Hobby

Offering hobbies that make you go WOW

By offering products that go beyond just addressing hobby-related needs to stimulate your curiosity and quest for fulfillment, we'll help you achieve a lifestyle that brims with the enrichment that hobbies deliver.

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