Our Commitment to CSR | Priority Challenge 2 in Strategic CSR ActivitiesContributing to the development of society

Shop Japan operated by Oak Lawn Marketing is the brand that helps customers realize their ideals.
We will build a society where people around the world can create and realize their dreams.

Providing sustained, long-term assistance to help people stand on their own, many of our employees take part in volunteer activities. In doing so, they make valuable changes in people's lives.

Social contribution activities together with HOPE International Development Agency Japan, a certified non-profit organization

HOPE International Development Agency Japan ("HOPE") is working to provide long-term support to people living in the harshest circumstances, helping them escape the cycle of poverty, improving the standard of living of those in regions receiving aid, and helping them to eventually live free of outside assistance.
We fully endorse the aims of HOPE, and since 2002 have worked on joint social contribution activities. Some of our employees have taken part in study tours* digging wells and helping construct schools in Cambodia and in the Philippines.
Immediately after the Great East Japan Earthquake, we set up the Genki Japan Fund to provide medium- and long-term support for the reconstruction efforts in areas hardest hit by the disaster. We visited these areas and spoke with the people there to learn what kind of support they really needed, and continued providing aid to help them regain economic independence. Over a three-year period beginning in March 2011, we carried out 70 initiatives for emergency aid and support for economic independence in approximately 20 communities.
*A study tour is an overseas observation mission to discover first hand about the problems people face in developing countries, and to think about ways to help them escape poverty. HOPE provides empoverished people in developing countries with support for independence to help improve their living conditions. It also works to raise awareness of the need for international development among those living in developed countries in order to eradicate world poverty.

Chubu Walkathon

The Chubu Walkathon is an event designed to boost public interest in local foster homes and charitable organizations, encouraging donations as a means for Japanese and foreigners of the Chubu region to return the gratitude to their communities.
We endorse the spirit and aims of this event, and have assisted with the fund raising activities since the first Chubu Walkathon held in 1992. Many of our employees take part in this event every year.