Our Commitment to CSR | Priority Challenge 3 in Strategic CSR ActivitiesPromoting diversity

We will bring about innovations with the positive use of diverse values and ideas that gather at Oak Lawn Marketing in an aim to attain corporate growth.

We emphasize education that encourages our diverse staff to contribute to the company's growth while expressing their own individuality.

Call Center Training for New Graduate Hires

After joining the company, new graduates work in our call center taking orders as communicators, and they work in shipping operations at our logistics
center in Chiba. The call center plays a central role in our business, and having employees go through call center training gives them knowledge about our products and teaches them the value of listening directly to our customers.

Senior Employee Mentoring System

Each new graduate hire is assigned a leader to serve as their mentor. Assigning a mentor to employees during their first nine months at the company provides them with a support structure that extends beyond the job itself, teaching them the business manners expected of a working adult, and giving them someone with they can turn to with questions about work or interpersonal relationships. It also serves as valuable personnel training experience for the senior employees.

Our Own OJT System

Employees who join the company mid-career are given OJT (on-the-job
training) and provided with a support system that allows them to quickly
acclimate themselves to their position and the workplace atmosphere.

*On-the-job training involves new employees being trained by superiors and
senior colleagues in the course of performing their actual duties.