Our Commitment to CSR | CSR PolicyWe will execute CSR strategically to sustain our growth.

Our vision of CSR is consistent with our approach to business.

To make sure that we deliver on our commitments, all employees have come together to prepare these action guidelines.

Seven promises made by all employees

Determined to achieve our vision, our employees voluntarily came together for discussion, out of which emerged seven promises to stakeholders. We carry a card bearing these seven promises with us at all times to ensure that we maintain the proper mindset, while always acting in accordance with our guidelines.

"Seven promises"



We shall aim for 100% customer satisfaction by offering our customers the chance to dream big, and provide them with the means and support to achieve their goals.



We shall continue to think outside the box and take inventive approaches to embark on new ventures in response to the changing times.



We shall always act with cost-effectiveness and productivity in mind, and act speedily in accordance with carefully analyzed data.



We shall respect the culture, age and gender of all other employees, and shall establish organizational strengths which are not built by individuals acting alone.



We shall derive optimal business solutions through active expression and discussion of ideas and opinions, while fully respecting those of others.



We shall cooperate with other internal sections, our business associates, and all other OLM shareholders to accomplish each other's goals.



We shall understand that our individual advancement is directly linked to the development

"10 questions for practicing the seven promises"


Are you thinking from the customer's perspective?


Are you thinking outside the box?


Are you considering the company's growth, and taking a cost-effective, productive approach in your actions?


Are you moving at the appropriate speed to address your goals and objectives?


Are you actively expressing your ideas and thoughts?


Are you openly listening to others?


Are you communicating clearly with others?


Are you attempting to learn from the opinions and values of others?


Are you building relationships where everyone says "thank you" to each other?


Are you working to increase your personal value?