Our Commitment to CSR | Priority Challenge 3 in Strategic CSR ActivitiesPromoting diversity

We will bring about innovations with the positive use of diverse values and ideas that gather at Oak Lawn Marketing in an aim to attain corporate growth.

We are committed to creating a workplace environment that allows every single staff member to fully apply their abilities.

Pursuing Employee Satisfaction

We create regular opportunities, including the Health and Safety Committee, the Communicator Meeting, and the Voice of Employee (VOE) Meeting, for the company and its employees to engage in serious dialogue.

* VOE is a system in which 10 employee volunteers gather from our three domestic offices to compile comments and requests about the workplace environment and internal programs, and then directly report their findings to the management team. This has in turn led to a number of programs and initiatives within the company, creating an environment in which people take pride in their work.

Open direct communication with superiors

Once a week, superiors and staff meet one-on-one to reflect on what was successful and what was challenging during the work week. From this, superiors can share their wisdom and experience.

This effort of reflecting on work experience is also utilized to find ways for the superior to nurture their underlings and find ways of improving the situation, not only encouraging their subordinate but also guiding actions toward success.

EAP (Employee Assistance Program) System Introduced

As part of our mental healthcare provisions, we have created a point of contact outside the company where employees can consult in private.

Harassment Prevention

We have established a compliance hotline and a harassment counseling office to provide our employees with a place to contact when they have a problem.

Office Environment with Transparency

Our Tokyo office has adopted a free address system in which employees can choose their seats based on their work styles. Because we place an emphasis on "transparency", we have very few walls in our office and all meeting rooms are fitted with glass partititions.