About Our Business and Shop Japan | About Our Business We are responsible for the operation and management of Shop Japan.

Shop Japan publishes information in different media channels and offers products and services through a broad range of sales channels. Customers can choose the channel that best suits their lifestyle.

Shop Japan Sales channels

TV Shopping

We engage in a broad range of activities, from the production of infomercials that increase consumer awareness of products, encourage them to consider a purchase, and urge them to buy products, to investment planning and broadcasting management. Our strength is our audience-wowing demonstrations.



We operate Shop Japan's official website and mobile website, and Shop Japan's presence on other e-commerce platforms. We try to provide customers with accurate product information and offer sales.


Print Media

We mix different forms of media with CF, considering the particular characteristics of media such as newspapers, newspaper inserts, catalogs, and postcards. These media enable us to offer detailed explanations of our products, helping our customers to select their purchases.


Retail / wholesale and company stores

Shop Japan products are sold at bricks-and-mortar stores such as large home electronics stores and general merchandise stores (GMS). We also operate company stores with the aim of sharing the worldview of Shop Japan and providing customers with the opportunity to try products for themselves.


Call center

We have an in-house call center in Sapporo.
This serves as a contact point for customers, primarily responding to calls from TV and print media. As well as taking orders from customers via an automated ordering system in conjunction with telephone operators, the call center system is able to deal with inquiries and conduct surveys, providing us with valuable customer feedback for product development.