About Our Business and Shop Japan | About Our Business We are responsible for the operation and management of Shop Japan.

Shop Japan publishes information in different media channels and offers products and services through a broad range of sales channels. Customers can choose the channel that best suits their lifestyle.

TV Shopping

We apply our in-depth knowledge of the Japanese consumer and marketing know-how to localize shows to the Japanese market to increase our brand and product awareness.



Shop Japan's official website provides customers with in-depth details about our
products and services allowing customers to fully understand each product's benefits.


Mobile Shopping

To increase interactions with our customers to promote the effective use of our products and services, we are continuing to expand our mobile services. Our partnership with NTT DOCOMO is key to developing this new 21st century mode of interaction.


Store Operation and Sales

We directly operate retail stores for the True Sleeper mattress brand and also sell through general merchandise stores (GMS), large home electric appliance retailers, and other retail outlets nationwide to give customers the opportunity to examine our products for themselves.


Catalogue & Print

We deliver specialized messages both in print and digital with detailed information about new products, services, and seasonal offers to all our customers


In-House Call Center " 24/7/365 Operational Support"

Our call center, located in Sapporo, ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience for our customers while providing us with valuable feedback about the reception of our products.


Quality Control Center

To ensure only the best of the best make it to our customers,our subsidiary company, Shenzhen Oak Lawn Technology Consulting Co., Ltd. (SOLTEC), is working full force to ensure optimal safety and product quality.