Our Commitment to CSR | CSR PolicyWe will execute CSR strategically to sustain our growth.

Our vision of CSR is consistent with our approach to business.

To realize its vision, Oak Lawn Marketing has
developed the CSR Policy for all stakeholders.

Relationship with Our Customers:

We shall offer our customers useful products and services,
and continuously strive to maintain trustworthy brands.

  • We shall incorporate the opinions of our customers into all our products and services.
  • We shall offer our customers safe, high quality products, and services.
  • We shall increase transparency and disclose information to our customers in a timely and appropriate manner.
  • We shall respect the fundamental rights of individuals and ensure the protection and proper management of customer information.
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Relationship with Society:

We shall strive to contribute to the sustainable growth of society through business activities
which maintain a harmonious coexistence with society.

  • We shall establish organizational structures to ensure compliance with legal regulations, undertake business
    activities in good faith, and disclose relevant information in a timely fashion.
  • We shall work to foresee potential risks and devise appropriate countermeasures in order to maintain healthy business operations.
  • We shall actively work with local and global organizations that undertake social welfare with the aim of contributing to sustainable growth.
  • We shall adhere to local and global laws, respect local culture and customs, and undertake business activities that promote positive development.
  • We shall actively participate in environmental protection, as well as take part in business activities that are harmonious with nature.
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Relationship with Our Employees:

We shall remain committed to our employees and their families' security, happiness,and promotion of their lifestyle enrichment. Company profits shall be shared with our employees, and we shall constantly work to improve our company's working environment.

  • We shall increase transparency and disclose information to our employees in a timely and appropriate manner.
  • We shall maintain a working environment which encourages employees to think and act outside the box.
  • We shall respect the diversity, the fundamental rights and individuality of all our employees.
  • Regardless of gender, we shall provide ample opportunities for driven and capable individuals to perform.
  • We shall place great importance on employee development, and shall provide the means and resources for
    individuals to realize their full professional potential.
  • We shall maintain working conditions which promote entrepreneurship in all of our employees.
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Relationship with Our Stockholders:

We shall aim to maximize performance and corporate value, and promise to share the profits of our performance with all of our stockholders.

  • We shall continue to pursue group expansion while maintaining healthy profits, and share the appropriate remuneration with our stockholders.
  • We shall disclose information to our stockholders in a timely and appropriate manner.

Relationship with Our Business Partners, Industry & Government:

We shall collaborate with our business associates and industry
to further our mutual business interests. Additionally, we shall work
to build sound relationships with both political administrations
and governmental organizations.

  • We shall cooperate with our business partners and industry, and administer transparent, sound business activities.
  • We shall maintain a politically neutral standpoint when dealing with political and government bodies.