"Mom and Me. "Shining" smile with Shark project" Oak Lawn Marketing seeks nursery schools for testing steam cleaner "Shark" series! ~Product testers can keep the steam cleaner even after the completion of the testing period!~

Oak Lawn Marketing, Inc. (HQ: Higashi-ku; Nagoya President & CEO: Harry A. Hill; Operations: shopping brand "Shop Japan") starts, from April 25, 2014, seeking nursery schools that would participate in a "Mom and Me. "Shining" smile with Shark project".

■Project overview
The "Mom and Me. "Shining" smile with Shark project" was born from ideas of mother staff at Oak Lawn Marketing and started as one of the activities which aim to create a society where women can have more enriched lifestyles. We are launching this project in the hope that floors, tables, and other various items in the nursery schools are well cleaned with "Shark Steam Cleaner All in 1" which cleans and sanitizes just with water so that children can play happily on a sparkling clean floors without worrying about dirt and germs. We also hope that mothers will become happier by seeing their children playing joyfully.

Nursery schools that participate in the project will be provided with "Shark Steam Cleaner All in 1" free of charge, provided that they give a feedback on their use of the product.

■About "Shark" series:
The steam cleaner "Shark" series achieved the top sales results (*1) in the FY2012 steam cleaner market. With super-heated dry steam of over 100 degrees Celsius(*2), the Shark series loosen, lift and lock in dirt with microfiber pads. The Shark steam cleaners use regular tap water without requiring special detergent or deep cleaning. The Shark products do not only remove dirt, they sanitize the floor while killing 99.9% of germs (demonstrated by an experiment below(*3).

The steam cleaner "Shark" series continue to listen attentively to customers' voices to produce products that can be used safely in an environment where children are present.

*1: Based on total series product shipment of brand manufacturers in the FY2012 steam cleaner market (survey by Yano Research Institute Ltd.) (as of July 2013)
*2: Temperature at an inner nozzle outlet.
*3: The experiment conducted by Japan Food Research Laboratories. Sanitization method: High temperature steam heating. Test method: Counted the number of bacteria based on the pour plate method using standard agar medium. Test subject: Wooden floor surface.

*Please note that this experiment is conducted only on Shark Steam Cleaner All in 1 and thus no warranty is given that every kind of bacteria is killed by Shark series products.

■Applying for product tester for "Mom and Me. "Shining" smile with Shark project"
○Consumer test product:
Shark Steam Cleaner All in 1 Regular price 24,800yen (excl. tax)

○Application period:
From May 2014 to April 2015

A nursery school which permits Oak Lawn Marketing to film how the Shark Steam Cleaner All in 1 is used at the school.
Oak Lawn Marketing may ask the school to participate in an interview for television or magazines.

○How to apply:
Please visit our special application website at:
For more details on qualifications for the product tester, please check the website above.

shark1.jpgShark Steam Cleaner All in 1
Shark Steam Cleaner All in 1 combines Shark Steam Mop and Shark Steam Portable. Use Mop to steam clean wooden floors and carpets. Use portable Handheld Steamer to remove stains around a stove and fan in the kitchen and to clean sofas and curtains. Just by this single cleaner, you can clean every corner of your house from floors to ceilings.

Product website:


Test product: Shark Steam Cleaner All in 1

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