Oak Lawn Marketing to introduce "Dessert Bullet"from the Magic Bullet series that has sold over 24.5 million units(*1) worldwide

Oak Lawn Marketing, Inc. (HQ: Higashi-ku; Nagoya President & CEO: Harry A. Hill; Operations: shopping brand "Shop Japan) is pleased to announce that it will release a new product "Dessert Bullet" on June 4, 2014. The Dessert Bullet is a member of the Magic Bullet series which has sold more than 24.5 million units(*1) all over the world.

(*1) Total number of shipments of the series from October of 2003 to August 13, 2013

■About Dessert Bullet
Dessert Bullet is an innovative kitchen appliance to make creamy and healthy desserts easily. Just by putting frozen ingredients into the machine and pushing down with the plunger, it is possible to make desserts with only fruits and vegetables―no need to add water, milk, or sugar. Dessert Bullet is great for those people who want to cut back on carbohydrates and/or calories, people who are trying to lose weight, and also parents who want their kids to eat additive-free desserts.

The machine is capable of processing hard ingredients like nuts, so an endless variety of frozen treats can be enjoyed.

Dessert Bullet is also suitable to make soups and sauces, so users can enjoy cooking a wider range of dishes. It also gives children a good opportunity to help their parents cook, which may help them overcome their dislike for vegetables through experiences of making and having nutritious vegetable desserts with ease and fun.

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Since health consciousness has been on the rise recently, homemade dessert made from vegetables and fruits is attracting interest from consumers. In the meantime, the demand for frozen dessert is to increase as the hot summer season approaches.

The Dessert Bullet is a product that allows people to make such frozen treats at home quickly and easily.

The desserts made with the product contain abundant nutrients like vitamins because they are made from whole fresh vegetables and fruits.

■Product Overview

(*2) Please visit our product website for more information: http://www.shopjapan.co.jp/goods/DSBT01
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