Steam cleaning kills 99.9% of mites(*1). Oak Lawn Marketing to present test results of mite-killing effectiveness of "Shark Steam Cleaner."

Oak Lawn Marketing, Inc. (HQ: Higashi-ku; Nagoya President & CEO: Harry A. Hill; Operations: shopping brand "Shop Japan") would like to present results of a verification test conducted in February 2014 to assess mite-killing effectiveness of the "Shark Steam Cleaner All-in-1".

The actual test was conducted by ITEA Inc. (Institute of Tokyo Environmental Allergy). In the test, mites were exposed to steam injected from the Shark Steam Cleaner All-in-1 and the number of live and dead mites was counted to assess the mite-killing effectiveness.

Results of the test are presented below.

≪Summary of test results≫
Shark Steam Cleaner All-in-1proves to kill 99.9% (*1) of mites.

■Outline of the test■
Test period: February 24 -28, 2014
Test conducted by: ITEA Inc. (Institute of Tokyo Environmental Allergy)
Test product: Shark Steam Cleaner All-in-1

■Test details■
Test method: A specimen to which mites were adhered was fixed to the test subjects and then subjected to steam injection (*2).
Test subjects: Long pile carpet, inner part of futon (approx. 4 cm deep), and mattress pad

mite.jpgTest results
Results: 99.9%(*1) of mites were killed.
(*1) Killing rate = Dead mite count / Total mite count x 100 (Test conducted using dermatophagoides pteronyssinus medium with natural death rate of lower than 7%.)
(*2) Steam applied to the long pile carpet and futon for 30 seconds and the mattress pad for 10 seconds.
*The results above are solely based on the test and do not represent results under actual conditions of use.
*It is recommended that an object applied with steam be dried completely and be vacuumed with a cleaner such as a vacuum cleaner to ensure dead mites are removed.

Now showing online! A video which proves effectiveness of the steam cleaner for killing mites
A microscopic video showing a comparison of the effectiveness of a steam cleaner and a vacuum cleaner in killing mites is now available from the following website.



1: Vacuum cleaner trying to remove mites.
The mites are not removed easily by a vacuum cleaner and are still holding onto carpet fibers.
2: A mite dying upon exposure to steam injection.
By being exposed to high-temperature steam, the mite has stopped moving and died.

■About Shark Steam Cleaner All-in-1
With super-heated dry steam of over 100 degrees Celsius(*3), the Shark Steam Cleaner All-in-1 loosens, lifts and locked-in dirt with microfiber pads. The cleaner uses regular tap water without requiring special detergent. With the press of a button, the Shark Steam Cleaner All-in-1 turns into a portable handheld steamer so that you can carry it with you anywhere and clean every part of your house. Since the Shark Steam Cleaner All-in-1 also eliminates house dust, it is also perfect for families with small kids.

The Shark Steam Cleaner All-in-1 does not only remove dirt, it sanitizes the floor while killing 99.9% of germs as demonstrated by the experiment below(*4).

(*3) Temperature at an inner nozzle outlet.

(*4) The experiment conducted by Japan Food Research Laboratories. Sanitization method: High temperature steam heating. Test method: Counted the number of bacteria based on the pour plate method using standard agar medium. Test subject: Wooden floor surface.

*Please note that this experiment is conducted only on Shark Steam Portable and thus no warranty is given that every kind of bacteria is killed by Shark series products.

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