Revision of Oak Lawn Marketing's Congratulatory/Condolences Regulations as a Part of Promoting Diversity

We Will Grant the Same Congratulatory Money and Marriage Leave* to Employees with Same-Sex Marriage Partners as those with Heterosexual Marriage Partners.

Oak Lawn Marketing, Inc. (Headquarters: Higashi Ward in Nagoya City, Japan) - which manages "Shop Japan" - announced on August 4th, 2015 that it had decided upon a policy of granting the same congratulatory money and marriage leave* to applicable workers who are in a relationship with someone of the same sex as heterosexual couples if they provide proof of the partnership through an official certificate.

*Marriage leave: Special holiday which is granted to employees when they get married - a standard benefit in Japan.

Employees with a diverse range of nationalities, cultures and backgrounds have come together at Oak Lawn Marketing under our vision of "Enriching Lifestyles Worldwide." Oak Lawn Marketing is creating a strong corporate structure that cannot be formed individually and that helps us to think and take action from global and varied perspectives by respecting diverse values and opinions. Oak Lawn Marketing is promoting diversity to make it possible for each and every employee to demonstrate their abilities and shine to the maximum extent rather than demarcating people by gender or race. Oak Lawn Marketing has decided to enact this revision of our congratulatory/condolences regulations as part of our efforts to promote diversity.

Oak Lawn Marketing, INC., a NTT DOCOMO, INC. group company founded in 1993, is an omni-channel brand response company that operates the Shop Japan brand which offers products under the concept of "enriching lifestyles worldwide." We curate products from around the world, focusing on solving our customers' lifestyle concerns in the categories of fitness, sleep, kitchen, leisure, and cleaning. Many of our products are the leading products for the category in the Japanese market. We also do business as Shop Japan in four other countries throughout Asia. And we have offices of group companies such as Oak Lawn Marketing international Inc. in Burr Ridge, Illinoi, U.S.A. and Shenzhen Oak Lawn Technology Consulting Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Guangdong, China to expand our business.

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