Introduction of the Management Team

Member of the Board, Executive Vice President

Nobutaka Aotani

After graduating from Faculty of Law of Doshisha University, Aotani entered Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation in April of 1987. In the following year, Aotani was seconded to NTT ADVERTISING, INC., an in-house agency of NTT, and was in charge of advertisement marketing and new business planning for game, cosmetics, automobile insurance and apparel companies. During his tenure, Aotani planned and established the first IT partner category of Japan Professional Football League (J.League) and promoted development of IT infrastructure of J. League, which NTT group is working on.

In July of 2008, Aotani became Senior Manager Advertising & Promotion Department of NTT docomo and devoted himself to popularizing video viewing on mobile phones by organizing mobile phone video distribution project and producing the first full-fledged drama for mobile phones.

After working as General Manager of Shizuoka Branch Tokai Regional Office of NTT docomo from June of 2012, Aotani became General Manager of Advertising & Promotion Department of NTT docomo in July of 2014. Managing communication of all products and services and sales promotion of docomo shops throughout Japan, Aotani facilitated integration of mass media and digital marketing. He also serves as Expert Chairman of Radio Commission of Japan Advertisers Association Inc. and achieved results by capitalizing his broad network.

Aotani has been working as a member of the Board and Executive Vice President at Oak Lawn Marketing Inc. since June of 2017 and a member of the Board at the subsidiary advertising agency, Interworld, Inc. since July of 2017.

Introduction of the Founders

Executive Chairman and PresidentRobert W. Roche

FounderTadashi Nakamura

Introduction of the Management Team

Member of the Board, Executive Vice PresidentNobutaka Aotani

Member of the Board, New Business DevelopmentHarry A. Hill

Executive Officer for Shop Japan BusinessYuichiro Kato