Introduction of the Management Team

Member of the Board, New Business Development

Harry A. Hill

A passionate and dynamic business and civic leader. Hill served as President and CEO of Oak Lawn Marketing, Inc. for 11.5 years from 2006 until 2017. During Hill's tenure, the company grew from ¥15 billion to ¥68 billion in sales while creating numerous hit products that become household names. Doing business to the consumer as Shop Japan, the company created several long selling product brands, creating new niche categories such contour overlay mattresses, home fitness, ceramic cookware and steam cleaning. Hill and his management team created a powerful corporate culture based on the vision of "enriching lifestyle worldwide." While President and CEO, he also managed one of the largest M&A transactions of 2009, when NTT Docomo took a 51% share in OLM. In September of 2017, Hill stepped down from the day-to-day operations but remains active as an independent director, particularly focusing on new business development.

Hill has both founded and contributed to several start-up companies. He currently sits on the board of Ten Ten Technologies as an outside director.

Hill is an active both as a business and civic leader. He was appointed by the White House to be the Co-Chair of CULCON, a bi-national group advising the U.S. and Japanese governments on promoting the next generation of leaders. Simultaneously he was appointed as Chair of the Japan-US Friendship Commission. He continues to be active in the ACCJ. He was named a Male Champion of Change by the Japanese Cabinet for his role in promoting gender diversity. He has a particular passion for HOPE International Development Agency, Japan, which provides clean water for the neglected poor, but also responded to the challenges of 3/11 to create the Genki Japan fund which helped 77 different groups and individuals rebuild their livelihoods. One of the recipients best encapsulated Hill's philosophy, "If we get help to rebuild our livelihoods, we can rebuild our homes and communities ourselves."

In both business and civic activities, the themes of self-reliance, empowerment, education and an optimistic vision for the future drive Hill. In Japanese, his favorite word is the homonym Souzou (想像/創造). The first characters mean imagine and the second characters mean to build. Hill's management and leadership philosophy imagining unrealized potential that is tempered with the concrete blueprint to achieve. The two words must co-exist for sustained success.

Hill is a sought-after speaker and guest. He has appeared on numerous TV shows focusing on the themes of business, leadership and family. He has given numerous interviews, did a six-month guest column for the Chunichi and Tokyo Newspaper, and often gives speeches or guest lectures to business groups, universities or civic groups.

Hill and his wife have five children. The family is very active in sports and the community. Hill has supports and acted in a local Shakespeare group, has a 5th degree black belt in Shorinji Kempo and practices kick boxing.

Introduction of the Founders

Executive Chairman and PresidentRobert W. Roche

FounderTadashi Nakamura

Introduction of the Management Team

Member of the Board, Executive Vice PresidentNobutaka Aotani

Member of the Board, New Business DevelopmentHarry A. Hill