Frequently Asked Questions


What is the average age of employees in the company and what is the gender ratio?

The average age of our employees is around 37, and the male-female ratio is nearly 50:50 (as of February 2016).


What kind of the training employees fresh out of college undergo after they join OLM?

Right after they join, they spend their first two months at the Sapporo call center, where they receive on-site training, then hands-on training at stores that carry our products and later training at the Chiba Logistics Center. They are also taught basic business etiquette, PC skills, business knowledge, and other know-how. As adults and OLM employees, they will learn basic skills and knowledge together with colleagues who joined the company the same time they did.


How are the assignments of new graduates determined? Can they choose where they want to work?

New employees first complete a two-month training course, after which their assignments are determined based on their aptitude, ability, desired location, and other factors. The company is not always able to meet the wishes of all new employees in terms of their preferred section and place of work. These graduates are all employed on the career path trajectory, so there is a chance they may be transferred to a different location in the future.


Are there employees who keep working after they get married or have a child?

Yes. The company offers a wide range of programs, such as pre- and post-childbirth leave, child care leave, shorter working hours, and flexible working hours. We provide an environment that makes it possible for employees to continue their careers after they get married or have a child. Many employees take advantage of these programs and continue to play an active role at the company.


How much overtime do employees generally work?

Basically, we try to make it so that employees don't have to work any overtime, but conditions vary from section to section. The company adopts an original flex-time program called "SJ My Time" that emphasizes performance over time. The work hours of individual workers are coordinated according to their duties and lifestyles to encourage all staff members to balance their private time and work time. We understand that a healthy work-life balance among all staff is indispensable to corporate growth, so we try to help employees to lead more fulfilling lives, which in turn helps them perform better at work.


What is the dress code at Oak Lawn Marketing?

Staff members are asked to dress business casual. Clothes such as sleeveless items, jeans, short skirts, and flashy outfits are not allowed. Clean and neat clothing that is inoffensive and appropriate for the time, place, and occasion is acceptable.


Are there opportunities for employees to meet the president?

Yes, there are opportunities to meet the president at the dinner party for new employees during the training period. The president also makes it a habit to walk around the office and speak with staff members. He always tries to communicate with employees. Employees will have plenty of chances to interact with the president after they join OLM.


How are products discovered?

We select products that are popular overseas which we believe are likely to sell well in Japan. Our staff go to trade shows around the world several times a year to look for new products. In addition to uncovering products in other countries, we now are also actively working to develop new products. This process of discovery and development is the way in which we look for products that fit the Shop Japan concept.


What kind of people are suited to working at Oak Lawn Marketing?

Essentially, we are looking for people who are eager to try new things, who are ambitious, and who are not afraid of change. In the future, the environment for work on the global stage is expected to grow even bigger following the expansion of the TV shopping business into overseas markets. In this sense, globally minded individuals always looking outside Japan are just the type of people OLM seeks.