Careers | Voices of new employeesReasons for Choosing Oak Lawn Marketing

Thoughts and feelings of new employees who recently joined OLM.


What ultimately convinced you to join Oak Lawn Marketing?

  • I was intrigued by the company's work of taking products from other countries and transforming them into hit products in Japan.
  • I felt that OLM was a place where I could tackle different challenges and discover my own potential.
  • The company had a clear corporate policy and approach to achieving its goals.


What is your impression of OLM after joining?

  • There are a lot of people here from many different backgrounds, making for a very stimulating workplace.
  • When I first joined, I found OLM to be full of energy, and that impression remains the same today. After joining, I was given different tasks, and these helped make real tangible growth. I find each and every day to be really fulfilling.


What did you think of the training given to employees?

  • The experience of actually taking orders from customers helped me directly understand their opinions, thoughts, and feelings. Overall, this experience has proven extremely useful in doing my current duties. OLM provides you with opportunities to experience things you're unlikely to experience at a normal company, such as eating together with management executives. Working at a place like OLM is really rewarding.
  • The time I spent at the call center provided me with valuable experience, allowing me to personally hear what customers across the country had to say. They were really honest and direct. It was a good opportunity for me to review my own faults and areas where I could improve.


What makes you happy that you joined OLM?

  • OLM has an environment that allows for even new employees to make their voice heard. For example, I was to be more outgoing and make at least three remarks when I attend a meeting. I'm doing my best.
  • You get to try out products before they hit the market. The company's approach is to only offer customers products that have been given the employees' stamp of approval. This kind of company culture makes me glad that I joined OLM.
  • I feel I've become able to glean insights from data. At Oak Lawn Marketing, we analyze numbers that change every day, and then act on this analysis. I am gradually developing the habit of being sensitive to detecting changes in data and taking action accordingly. This skill is essential in doing all the work I'm given, and it's an ability I'm glad to have.


What would you like to try at Oak Lawn Marketing in the future?

  • In a way, introducing a product to customers over the phone or online provides them with less information than actually picking up a product and holding it. I want to do all I can to make up for this loss and somehow give customers a more satisfying shopping experience.
  • I want to boost our brand awareness and make greater use of media other than television.


What message do you have for job seekers?

  • No matter which company you join, you'll always have opportunities to grow as an individual. I think it largely depends on your mindset. Looking for a job is never easy, but it's important to be completely open and honest with yourself and maintain a positive approach moving forward.
  • Don't let yourself get too fixated on one job and think that's the only job for you. Strive to grow as a person by looking at things from different points of view.
  • You're bound to run into some tough patches after setting out into the working world, but you'll also have more joyful and fulfilling experiences. All the tests and interviews that come with the job hunting process may leave you mentally exhausted, but never forget to stay relaxed and try to be yourself. I look forward to the day when we can work together.